Forget about how to become skinny. Focus on nourishment and love for yourself!

Everything that we do in our lives plays a role in our overall state of awareness and well-being.  Everything is connected! So, when we are trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle  this can come in many forms. People are often looking for the one fix, however,  change takes time and is a process and for many it can be overwhelming, confusing and challenging!!!  There is no denying that it is a process, but you are worth the work!

 There is no quick fix, magic pills or not one right answer for everyone person.  Yuck, this might not be what you want to hear, right?   This being said, your journey can be  slow and steady and a process of learning about yourself and experimentation that will bring an amazing sense of peace to your life.  It is important to figure  out where you would like to start your journey and take a few small steps at a time so that you do not become overwhelmed.(Journaling where you would like to begin your journey is a great way to stay focused).  You could begin with food,  movement,  meditation, or just simply telling yourself everyday that you are worth it. 

  I believe that most of us are tired of the endless circle of dieting, losing weight, gaining weight, and then dieting again.  Most of what we are eating today is not "real food."  They are edible food like substances but have no relation to NATURE. 

  There is endless information out there on how to lose weight and we are constantly bombarded with the idea that we can change our lives in less than 30 days, or even 7 days, lol!

Nope, that is not going to happen!

So, how do we get started in a journey of mind, body and spirit?

If food is where you would like to begin I am going to give you a starting point as to how you can raise your own vibration and begin to rid of any negative relationships that you have with food. 

You first need to make a decision that you want  to make shifts in what you put into your body, and start to consciously make choices that are nourishing and positive to  your body and mind.

So, lets start here!

You have heard the term "whole foods" a lot, but what does that mean exactly?  It means eating food that still looks as it did when it was growing in nature, or very close to that.  It is food that is minimally changed when brought into the store to be sold.  Eating foods as close to the way nature intends it to be is a good way to look at it.  The human body runs most efficiently on food that is in its natural form as it is what we are meant to consume.

So much of what we call "food" today is made by a manufacturer and most of the time they are processing the food to make it more appealing to our taste buds and essentially making their products addictive to our palette by using added sugar, salt, oils, chemicals, additives and preservatives etc...

Whole foods include things like vegetables, fruits, Grains(wheat, whole grain rice, quinoa, bulgar wheat, rolled oats, faro, barley), nuts and seeds, beans and legumes(lentils, beans, split peas, chickpeas).  If you are eating meat products source out the best options. Local farmers markets are a great option when looking for a abundance of nutritious whole food products

 And if you are dealing with something other then the above whole foods and are purchasing packaged products it is time to start looking at the ingredient lists. As we all know there are still times when we will need some convenience foods for the week(canned foods, jarred products etc), and it is possible to find products that are going to meet the standards of a more minimally processed product.

Start to be aware of the ingredient lists on foods that you are purchasing.  This will help you to determine which products will be the most nourishing for your body and which foods will give you the energy you desire to work through your day. 

-  One key tip that I give to my clients is the smaller the ingredient list, the Better!  I like to aim for a five ingredient list or less  on my packaged products if possible. 

-  The second tip I give is if the list has some unrecognizable names then it would be important to find a replacement for the product.  The list should have only ingredients you recognize.  Food is your medicine so we don't want to add chemicals to our bodies.

-  Some ingredients like sugar and salt might have alternative names and this is where it can get tricky.  It is not necessary to purchase products with added salt and sugar.  We can spice and sweeten our food with more whole options.

 For example, Other names for sugar-  corn syrup, high- fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane juice, dextrose.  Other names for salt include monosodium glutamate or disodium phosphate.

Go into your pantry and begin to look at your labels and it will most likely be shocking to find how many things have ingredients that are unrecognizable.  For example, you might have a tomato sauce in your pantry that when looking into it you can see that it has extra added sugar and salt .  So,  when shopping just have a look at different products and you will find ones  available that are just simply tomatoes, garlic and basil packaged in the jar(if you are looking at a tomato sauce).  This would be your most minimally processed choice and you can season your sauce at home. (Or learn to make your own).

So, start here... Begin the process of changing out one product at a time in your pantry.  If you enjoy cereal in the morning then look at your current choice and search out some new options or possibly try some new breakfast recipes.  Oatmeal with maple syrup, fruit and chopped walnuts for example.  Or maybe you begin to make some changes with the types of pasta's you use.  There are a abundance of choices out on the market now, lentil pastas, brown rice pastas, chickpea pastas etc...

Experiment with even one new recipe per week.  When searching recipes just punch in Whole food, unprocessed breakfast recipe and then choose one that is appealing to you.  These are ideas of where you can begin your journey into changing how you fuel your body.  Explore different products and begin to take notice of how they might make you feel.

There is no quick fix when it comes to reaching your bodies optimum balance and the process takes some time.  What I do know is that if you are fueling with whole foods consistently that your body will begin to change.    

When you start to eat whole foods your ideas about foods will change and your relationship with your body will change.  You will stop searching for a way to become skinny but instead focus on how to nourish and make your body powerful and healthy  and you will begin to  exude a confidence that will allow you to achieve whatever it is you want to in your life.

And guess what....weight loss will follow:)  If you take out processed foods and let your body feel when it is satisfied the weight loss will come in a natural, healthy way.  One that will last a lifetime.

If you allow yourself to follow this journey to its fullest you will no longer have losing weight at the top of your priority list  because the weight will come off.  And once you stop eating for your weight, your will start eating for your health.

With this shift in how you think,  you start to honor and respect your body, and start to accept and cherish who you are.

How Beautiful is all of this! Earthbound Mama (Dalynn)