Ready & Determined - November

Ready & Determined - November

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 Ready & Determined

Ready- in a suitable state for an activity, action or situation, fully prepared.

Determined- having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.

Are you tired of starting something and never finishing it? Sometimes having these big goals and not even getting through the 1st day! Sound familiar? With 17 years in the fitness industry, I have seen this happen to just about everyone including myself. I have done a lot of research and taken a Health coach and Life coach certification that helped to shed light onto why we are not successful. The bottom line is we are trying to do to much at one time! Instead of trying to do it all, let’s develop 1 habit per month, and keep adding on every month. Baby steps! Once you have mastered one thing you can add on another, or if you have a bad habit that needs to go you can do that instead!

Picture yourself in the past years, and how many times you have started something new, and a year later you are not even close to your goal. This time will be different, you will be working on 1 goal per month, and when you complete the month you can then add another! Think of the future version of yourself, when you accomplish 12 goals in 12 months, that will be some serious changes! You may find you need more then one month for some goals and there is nothing wrong with that!

If you are ready to start something new and determined to stay the course then Ready and Determined accountability challenge is for you!


You must participate in the Facebook group.

Pick your goal, what do you want to be held accountable for? You will need to write your goal in the comments in the Facebook group. If you do not do this by day 1 you will be removed from the group.

Every day you will need to post a picture or write that you accomplished your goal that day. Take a picture of your food, you working our, journaling etc. If you did not accomplish your goal you will just say I didn’t do it, no excuses! It just didn’t get done! Excuses are just you justifying why you didn’t put yourself first. If you miss posting 3x through out the month you will be removed from the group. You will NOT be removed if you don’t meet your goal that day, only if you don’t post! For some of us if our goal is to be active every day, if we missed 10 days, but we were not moving at all before then we can look at it and be very proud that we moved for 20 days! That is success! Not only will the group hold you accountable, it will also be a positive encouraging fun group!

Ideas: fitness, 30 mins activity, weight training, gratitude journal, quitting smoking, meditation, quitting drinking, yoga, drinking water, cutting out sugar, better food choices. The sky is the limit! You can pick anything!

During the month we will learn tips on habit building, and I will help with ideas on what each person is working on.

This challenge is $10/month, you can join 1 month, 3 months or every month, it is up to you! I wanted to have a group that is affordable for everyone, with the year we have all had, I wanted to make sure if you wanted to join it would be doable. If the $10 is not doable for you and you would like to join, please send me a email to Working on ourselves needs to be a priority and I want to help you!

If being in a group doesn’t interest you, the option of 1 on 1 coaching will be available for 1- 10 min sessions per week, with daily check ins, cost is $59/per month. Just shoot me an email to arrange this.